The Ultimate Guide to Rage Rooms in Indianapolis: Where to Release Your Stress

In recent years, rage rooms have emerged as a novel way to de-stress. These unique venues allow individuals to smash, break, and obliterate items in a safe and controlled environment, providing a cathartic release for pent-up frustration. Indianapolis, a city known for its vibrant culture and innovative entertainment options, is home to several outstanding rage rooms. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, these establishments offer an unforgettable experience for those looking to unleash their inner warrior. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the best rage rooms in Indianapolis, detailing pricing, age requirements, session times, and other key information.

1. Demolition Den

Demolition Den offers an unforgettable experience for those looking to channel their inner warrior and release pent-up stress. Located at 5060 E 62nd St suite 120 in Indianapolis, this rage room caters to a wide audience with its diverse range of packages, starting from $20 for a basic session to $100 for an immersive premium experience. They welcome participants aged 12+ for axe throwing and 16+ for the Rage Room experience, provided minors are accompanied by a guardian. Demolition Den distinguishes itself by allowing visitors to bring their own items to smash, ensuring a personalized venting session. Besides the rage room, they offer snacks, drinks, and even axe throwing, making it a comprehensive venue for stress relief and fun.

Location: 5060 E 62nd St suite 120, Indianapolis, IN 46220

Key Highlights:

  • Pricing: Sessions vary from $20 for basic to $100 for premium experiences.
  • Age Requirement: 12+ for axe throwing and 16+ (accompanied by a guardian) for the Rage Room.
  • Session Time: Varies; contact for details.
  • Unique Offerings: Option to bring your own items for smashing, availability of snacks and drinks, and axe throwing.
  • Safety Gear: Required; contact for specifics.
  • Booking: Recommended to check the website or directly contact for reservations.

This venue is perfect for those looking to combine physical activity with the unique thrill of destruction, all within a safe and supportive environment.

2. Wreck-A-Room

Wreck-A-Room presents itself as a raw, unfiltered haven for stress relief, just a couple of miles south of downtown Indianapolis. The pricing for their sessions starts at $15 for a basic 15-minute session and goes up to $100 for a 30-minute group experience, offering an affordable range of options for every budget. This establishment prides itself on a straightforward, no-nonsense approach to rage therapy, providing participants with an honest and direct stress-relief experience. Safety gear is a must, ensuring a safe environment for all participants as they smash their way to serenity​

Location: 2701 Brill Road STE #1 (Use Slide Door) (South) Indianapolis, IN 46225

Key Highlights:

  • Pricing: From $15 for a basic 15-minute session to $100 for a 30-minute group session.
  • Age Requirement: Contact for details.
  • Session Time: 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the package.
  • Unique Offerings: A no-nonsense approach to stress relief, 24/7 online chat support.
  • Safety Gear: Required; contact for specifics.
  • Booking: Available via phone or the official website.

Wreck-A-Room prides itself on being an unfiltered and straightforward option for those looking to de-stress without the frills.

3. Anger Management

Located an hour’s drive west of Indianapolis, in the heart of the Wabash Valley, Anger Management is Terre Haute’s premier rage room experience. It offers a unique therapeutic approach to rage release, with sessions starting at just $15 for a quick 5-minute catharsis, extending up to $45 for a full 20-minute session. This rage room is designed to accommodate up to two participants, offering a more intimate and focused environment for stress relief. Whether you’re looking to smash glass items or take a swing at a car with a sledgehammer, Anger Management provides a controlled, safe space for all your destructive needs​

Location: 3401 South 7th Street
TERRE HAUTE, Indiana 47802
An hour’s drive west of Indianapolis, in Terre Haute.

Key Highlights:

  • Pricing: Starts at $15 for 5 minutes to $45 for 20 minutes.
  • Age Requirement: Contact for specifics.
  • Session Time: 5 to 20 minutes, based on the chosen package.
  • Unique Offerings: “Fender Bender” car-smashing option, ax-throwing sessions, focus on therapeutic destruction.
  • Safety Gear: Required; contact for specifics.
  • Booking: Walk-ins welcome on Fridays and Saturdays; appointments needed from Tuesday to Thursday.

Anger Management is ideal for those seeking a comprehensive stress-release experience with a variety of destructive activities.

4. Outrage Smash Therapy

Outrage Smash Therapy in Lafayette, Indiana, pioneers a mental wellness-focused approach to the rage room concept. With packages starting at around $30, participants are provided with a sanctuary to express and manage their frustrations through the physical act of destruction. This facility stands out by promoting destruction as a form of emotional release, offering a thoughtful dimension to the rage room experience. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, building team cohesion, or just looking for a unique night out, Outrage Smash Therapy tailors its offerings to provide a memorable and therapeutic outing​

Location: 135 SOUTH EARL AVE. SUITE 110 LAFAYETTE, IN 47904

Key Highlights:

  • Pricing: Basic packages start at $30, with more comprehensive options going up to $75 or more.
  • Age Requirement: Contact for specifics.
  • Session Time: Contact for details.
  • Unique Offerings: Emphasis on mental wellness through destruction, accessible pricing for group events.
  • Safety Gear: Required; contact for specifics.
  • Booking: Advisable to reach out directly for more information and reservations.

Outrage Smash Therapy offers a unique blend of physical release and mental wellness, set within a supportive environment.

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5. Enigma

Enigma offers a mysterious and engaging twist to the traditional rage room experience. Situated in Indianapolis, this venue invites guests to unleash their stress through therapeutic destruction in a variety of themed rooms. While specific details on pricing and age requirements are to be confirmed directly with the establishment, Enigma promises a safe and exhilarating environment for individuals seeking to smash their way through stress. Its unique offering of themed rooms ensures that each visit can offer a new and exciting way to relieve tension and enjoy the physical outlet that comes from breaking things​

Location: Indianapolis, specific address not available online.

Key Highlights:

  • Pricing and Age Requirement: Contact for details.
  • Session Time: Varies; contact for specific information.
  • Unique Offerings: Variety of packages and themed rooms for a personalized experience.
  • Safety Gear: Required; specifics not provided.
  • Booking: Check the website or contact directly for more information and booking options.

Enigma provides a mystery-themed rage room experience, allowing guests to choose their own adventure in destruction.


Rage rooms in Indianapolis offer a unique way to combat stress, providing a safe space for individuals to express their frustrations physically. Whether you’re looking for a quick session to blow off steam or an immersive experience to tackle deeper stress, these establishments cater to a wide range of needs. Remember to contact the venues directly for the most current information on bookings, pricing, and requirements. So, strap on your safety gear and get ready to smash your way to relief in one of Indianapolis’s top rage rooms.


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